9 Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Super Easy

Patrick Herman

I absolutely love how digital marketing has evolved: tools now exist that not only make our jobs easier, but also much more effective! There are marketing software tools that help us make better use of data, platforms that allow us to create thoughtful landing pages, and even content systems that curate the types of content we produce.

To help you kick your efforts up a notch, I’d like to share the 9 marketing tools that make our lives easier and will definitely do the same for you.

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Content marketing has been at the forefront of digital marketing for a while now and HubSpot is among the leaders in the field. This content marketing system will provide you with the tools you need to track visitors and push them through the sales cycle.  You can even get great insights about your web traffic like who your visitors are, what they’ve seen and how you should engage them next. At Spark, we’re proud to be HubSpot certified partners and love using their toolset to help our clients.

Sprout Social

This social media engagement and scheduling platform will help you publish great content, engage with your followers and get deep analytical info about your audience. It’s super easy to use and even easier to integrate with your favourite social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


Not really sure where to find the best content out there? Want to know more about the content your competition is putting out? These guys can help you do that across a ton of social platforms and a whole lot more. You can even take your social campaigns a step further by finding industry influencers to help you better promote your content. Seems like a bunch of wins right there!


Landing pages are a key component to almost any digital marketing campaign, but designing and developing them can be expensive. The good people at Unbounce figured out a way to make landing pages cheaper to build, quicker to edit and much more effective in the analytics department. Test and optimize your landing pages with Unbounce and see your conversions go through the roof!


Are your website visitors getting the best user experience? This tool will help you find out just that. Qualaroo will help you connect with your audience and find out from the people themselves what might be stopping them from completing a purchase with you. As a bonus, Qualaroo also integrates with your favourite social platforms. Woohoo!


This robust tool has a lot of resources for SEO, but it’s also incredibly powerful for social media and blogging. They have tools that will help you perform better keyword and rankings research while also helping you see what kind of content is trending, being shared, how often and where. This can provide you with valuable insight into what you’ll write about and how you’ll make sure it gets traction.


For all the local businesses out there, this tool is a must-have. They’ll help you manage and optimize your local search results by sourcing and even building local citations. When local buyers are ready to make a purchase, how do you think they’ll find your phone number, location, hours of operation, etc.? Whitespark makes local SEO easier than ever.

Keyword Spy

SEO-spianage. Sounds like 007 himself may be involved with this one. Well, he’s not.  Ok, I don’t know, he could be. But these guys provide tools to help you spy on your competitors. If you know what they’re up to you can make more insightful decisions on what your marketing needs might be.

The Trade Desk

RTB (Real Time Bidding) is the next big thing in the digital landscape and, with the help of The Trade Desk, you’ve got all the tools you need to hit the right buyers at the right time. It’s not cheap, but the data and results that you get are every marketer’s dream combo.

Wow, okay – that was a fair amount to share. However, my key takeaway is that there are tons of great marketing tools out there that will help you automate, gain insight, test and deliver more effective marketing pieces that will benefit the business.

Need a hand figuring out how you can make your business more effective online? Let’s talk!

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What are your favourite digital marketing tools? Let me know in the comments below!

Patrick Herman

Patrick is the Account Supervisor and Team Lead at Spark. Heavy into data analysis and strategy you'll find him figuring out a path to success with a plate of chicken wings.

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