Social Media Marketing

Finally! A place where businesses can interact with its consumers in real-time. Social media has arrived, yet most businesses still aren’t sure what to do with it. As it relates to your business goals, social media can be a major influence in achieving desired results such as brand awareness, driving leads, increasing thought leadership, better SEO performance, etc. The key to social media is building and maintaining relationships, essentially the key to any successful business (need we say more?).

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Why Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing

74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. With that being said, social media has completely changed the way businesses sell, forcing them to move away from the sell and start telling the story. Today’s consumers look for the value behind everything they do and buy so they need to be nurtured through the buying process, and social media has become the go-to medium to nurture these relationships. Not only does social media provide an avenue to showcase your products/services, it also gives you as a business the opportunity to show the world who you are and leave a lasting impression.

Spark Difference

The Spark Difference

Spark develops highly targeted social strategies customized to your business goals. Our team of experts engages with your followers and deep dive into your social insights to understand your communities’ online behaviours and react by creating content to match. What you give is what you get when it comes to ROI on your social media campaign, which is why Spark is always around and on top of your comments, questions, and reviews showcasing your dedication to the relationship.

Spark Relationship Roadmap

Spark Relationship Roadmap

Spark’s roadmap is constructed with the best in social media practices, giving you the advantage to build lasting relationships, and ultimately drive leads.

Overview of the Spark Relationship Roadmap:

  • Strategy and Tactical Implementation
  • Monitoring, Engagement, and Outreach
  • Reputation Management
  • Custom Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Graphic Design
Reporting and Insights

Reporting and Insights

Each month, as a client you will receive a progress report from your Account Manager that accurately depicts your social media results, including engagement, traffic, and leads. Spark also offers clients a real-time analytics dashboard for you to check in on your social media progress at anytime.