When Creative Met Technical

Our story is one of connections, passion, and willpower. Starting in 2007, Spark was built on the sole principal of helping our own personal network of business partners connect with its consumers. On one side, we had a group of creative individuals who truly knew how to tell a story, and on the other we had a team of tech enthusiasts who would stop at nothing to solve a problem. With a passion for marketing and all things digital, together we made the commitment to combine our strengths and become the ultimate team of online connectors. The result: When creative meets technical, magical things happen!

At Spark our focus is on one thing - your consumers. Each and every brand has its own story and we work to uncover, build upon, and share it with your consumers across the whole of online. We accomplish this through carefully curated messaging, stunning visuals, and powerful marketing technologies.

The Spark difference.

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A Heart For Service

We are genuinely excited about helping people and companies succeed. So much so that we have created a client focused culture where the client is king and your success becomes our success.

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We listen, absorb, analyze and interpret – with the goal of fully understanding your unique needs, so that we can provide the kind of solutions that best address each one. We help simplify the complex world of technology, digital marketing and branding for our clients.

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No automated solutions, no cookie-cutter campaigns. In a world of off-the-shelf, assembly-line marketing, Spark stands apart as a creator of hand-crafted, precisely tailored integrated marketing campaigns.

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Accountability is everything to us. Not only do our clients have access to our proprietary live dashboard, but we also organize monthly reporting meetings where we help you interpret the data and provide actionable insights to keep your campaign and business growth on track.