The 7 Most Surprising Brands Killing It On Social Media

Amy Statham

There are certain brands that are notorious for being on top of their social media game. A few of the elite are Old Spice, Oreo and Taco Bell. These brands are successful with their social media presence because they abide by the golden rule, not ‘do unto others’ but rather ‘know your audience’. They’re pros at leveraging their wacky aspects and rockstars at engaging with other brands and followers alike. They capitalize on what’s trending and are able to take otherwise mundane things like deodorant and make them both wry and hilarious. Alas, everyone knows the obvious heavy hitters of social media, but there are a few other unexpected brands on the low. Here are a few worth mentioning:

wonderful pistachios twitter

  1. Wonderful Pistachios

Yes, as in the ones your Grandma always kept in a glass bowl on her coffee table. To say that a pistachio company is really killing the social media game is definitely unexpected.  They have over 55k on Twitter, 1300 on Instagram and almost a whopping 800k on Facebook! One thing they’ve capitalized on and I really commend them for utilizing is how much health nuts (pun intended) love to photograph their food in an artistic manner. It seems as though they’re in no short supply of beautifully staged shots of their product, which is awesome for them.  This works twofold in that they can display brand loyalty while also sharing beautiful pictures of their product. All in all, they manage to create cute but also meaningful content with playful, relevant graphics. Check out their Twitter here.

  1. DiGiorno Pizza

Okay this one isn’t as unexpected because well, everyone loves pizza so of course it’s going to be great. What’s more is that ‘liking pizza’ is trendy right now up there with ‘but first, coffee’ type posts. If you’ve been on the Internet for more than a week you’ll see enough memes, Buzzfeed quizzes and sardonic comment sections to assure you of this. The smart people over at DiGiorno have capitalized on this and regularly share the abundance of content in that plays into that niche along with crafting some pun-heavy content that’s pretty lol-worthy. What’s more? Their Facebook page has over one million likes. Their best channel however, is by far Twitter. Check it out here.

  1. Charmin

Charmin has charmed our hearts since they rolled out their commercials featuring the cute and clumsy animated bears that pulled on the heartstrings of our Berenstain Bears memories. Since then, they’ve made a successful transition into social media by producing content that manages to be both relevant and heartwarming. They keep their content fairly PG but with common hashtags the like of  #tweetsfromtheseat being frequent, they have a bit of an edge. With nearly 1 million likes on Facebook and over 67k on Twitter, it’s clear that Charmin has kept its reserved spot in our hearts. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

siemens twitter

  1. Siemens

Your first question may be, “Who or what is Siemens?” Good question! While they’re involved in a whole bevy of healthcare, energy and infrastructure related fields the short answer is that they’re the largest engineering company in Europe. They also develop really, really awesome content. While they don’t often engage with the latest hashtags or viral videos, they know their target demographic and do an amazing job of catering to them. ‘Killing it’ on social media doesn’t have to mean well-placed Dad humor; it can simply mean genuinely great and strategic content. Siemens produces short and informative videos, high quality infographics and is able to make engineering relatable to the average Joe while still interesting to the pros (cc: explaining how their technology helps to run Munich Oktoberfest.) Take a look!

  1. Arena Flowers

This flower delivery service provides the exact opposite content than you would imagine. With a Twitter bio that reads, “Every time a magician produces a bunch of flowers from nowhere he has actually used a wormhole to steal from a florist. Do not applaud this,” you get a sense of what you’re in for. Their content tends to be totally wildcard and a little risqué but with 25k on Twitter, they’re not doing all too bad. Just how salacious is their content? We’ll put it this way, they’re currently running a ‘life’s short, patch things up’ special with the promo code ‘ASHLEYMADISON’. Yep, they went there. If you’re down with crude and sometimes downright bizarre humor, be sure to check out Arena Flowers’ twitter account.

  1. Neenah Paper

Paper is potentially one of the most boring things this world has to offer. Typically you wouldn’t think a paper company would be able to find an eager and engaged audience let alone do well on social media. However, Neenah is proving otherwise by mastering the engagement game. Fortunately and not surprisingly, tons of people use their products and much of their social media game is showcasing their customer’s various usages. Additionally, they have a really awesome blog that is well curated and goes in-depth profiling the people who use their products. This is a great way to display brand loyalty and in turn, encourage existing or potential customers to do the same. Think ‘if you build it, they will come’ except in social media terms, ‘if you engage, they will share’. Over 25k Twitter followers and 11k Facebook likes can’t be wrong! To see some of the nifty projects Neenah has shared from their customers, check out their Twitter here.

general electric twitter

  1. General Electric

Usually a brand excels on one social media platform more than another, but with General Electric they’re winning pretty much across the board. From the expected like Facebook and Twitter to the surprising, ie. Snapchat. Even their Pinterest page has over 25k in followers! GE is proving to be as innovative with their technology as they are with their digital marketing approach. A great testament to this is their Snapchat account, which allows you to follow a day in the life of a developer at GE digital or be introduced to former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. The company has touted some serious social media prowess in the past few years and as it stands, still continues to prove their aptitude. Check out their Twitter game for yourself!

Did we miss any of your favourite unlikely brands that are killing it on social media? Be sure to share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Amy Statham

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