Display Marketing

Want to leverage a variety of engaging media types to reach audiences across the web? Display marketing is the network for you! By utilizing a variety of channels such as mobile, video, banner, native, and social, we can target segmented audiences using real-time signals with the right media at the right moment. Display marketing is the number one tool to influence users at every stage of the marketing funnel. Using a cross-platform and cross-device network with contextual and demographic targeting, we are able to build awareness, influence consideration, and drive sales.

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Why Display Marketing

Why Display Marketing

When brainstorming new ways to grow you business and expand your company's reach, display marketing is the first channel that should come to mind. Display networks reach up to 96% of websites across the internet globally and offer an invaluable resource for targeting engaged audiences with your product. With digital media overtaking traditional media, display marketing has taken over as the biggest network for reaching more audiences.

The Spark Difference

The Spark Difference

Spark offers a refreshing strategic display marketing offering that fits your business goals. We create a display marketing plan that can include a mix of low-cost awareness, web remarketing, and/or in-depth programmatic RTB. We are excellent at building a full-scale marketing plan that uses different targeting techniques and media types to reach audiences at different stages in the sales funnel. Spark is able to create a bidding strategy that takes into account:

  • Demographics (age/sex/parental status/ among other custom segments)
  • Location (all the way down to zip code and IP address)
  • Specific Website Placements
  • Website Topics
  • User Interests
  • Website Keywords
  • Remarketing Lists
  • Prospecting Lists
  • Website Guideline Restrictions (above the fold, in-game etc.)
Spark Recognition Roadmap

Spark Recognition Roadmap

Spark is focused on ensuring your brand is easily recognizable and continually top of mind for your target audience. We always carry out industry best practices and are continuously learning new techniques and adapting to new technologies and vendors.

Overview of the Spark Recognition Roadmap:

  • Strategic Network, Channel, and Platform Planning
  • Ongoing Vendor relationships
  • Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Tracking
  • Adaptive Creative Development
  • Buyer Persona Targeting
  • A/B Testing
  • Cohort Analysis of Performance Data
  • Ongoing Optimization and Management
Reporting and Insights

Reporting and Insights

Each month, as a client you will receive a progress report from your Account Manager that accurately depicts your paid search results, including click-through-rate (CTR), CPC and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Spark also offers clients a real-time analytics dashboard for you to check in on your paid search progress at anytime.