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Clive Lobo

Yahoo! made a nice post of some really great but not well known tips for searching with Yahoo! Check this out:

1. Square Brackets, “inurl,” “originurlextension,” and Site Restriction
To get a more targeted search, try these tricks out:

  • Words within square brackets — adding square brackets to your search makes the keyword match order dependent. So typing in ‘[Jack Black]‘ will return results such as ‘jack with black’ but not ‘black jack.’
  • “inurl” — if you want to be sure that a specific term will appear in the site’s URL, use the “inurl:[query]” operator. For example: ‘inurl:iPod.’
  • Site restriction — to restrict your search to pages within a specific domain, use the “site:[domain]” operator, followed by your query. For instance: ‘ iPod.’
  • “orginurlextension” — to search on specific file types, add ‘originurlextension:[file format]’ after your search query. For example: ‘nanotechnology originurlextension:swf‘ OR ‘nanotechnology originurlextension:pdf.’

For the full post, have a look at the Yahoo! Search Blog post.

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