WhoCalled? Dynamic Phone Number Generation & Tracking

Clive Lobo

It’s official – we’re launching our call tracking service called WhoCalled?™

John Wannamaker, considered the father of modern advertising once said

“I know I waste half of my advertising dollars, I just don’t know which half!”

As an answer to his question, Spark Internet Marketing is very excited to announce the launch of a new service which will finally track phone calls derived from multiple marketing campaigns . This new service will give you the ability to track the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts, including print, radio, email marketing, yellow pages and search engine based campaigns – wherever you have a phone number, we can track it!. Currently, we are able to track how many people come to your site through search engines, referring sites and develop them into a business lead for you. We do this by measuring if a user filled out a form on-line and submitted their information to you for follow up. We have never been able to truly follow the calls received from all marketing campaigns, including Internet based; until now!.

To learn more about WhoCalled? and to discuss pricing please contact sales@sparkinternetmarketing.com or dial 1.877.772.7530.

With the use of unique phone numbers generated from our system for your different campaigns, we can now track phone based conversions for individual pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization and other marketing efforts. Combined with existing data we can determine which marketing efforts are generating phone conversions for your business.

Our call tracking system will allow you to effectively analyze both: your on-line and offline marketing initiatives. Find out where your marketing dollars should be increased and which marketing efforts are ready for retirement.

Here are some of the features available with this call tracking platform:

  • Unique 800 or local phone numbers are mapped to your actual phone numbers and callers are dynamically connected to your actual number after dialing the unique number.
  • Calls can be recorded for quality of service evaluation (custom audio disclaimers that the call is being recorded must be uploaded to the system)
  • Detailed call records are made available through a reporting portal showing you the number of calls made during a period, the duration, where the call was placed from using zip code or postal code lookup.

There is no limit to the amount of numbers you can use and the cost of a new unique number is significantly less than purchasing a new 800 number from your local carrier – and you get these fantastic features which your local carrier does not offer.
We are currently testing this service out and plan to roll out to our customer base towards the end of November or early December.

To learn more about WhoCalled?  and to discuss pricing please contact sales@sparkinternetmarketing.com or dial 1.877.772.7530.

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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