Where to Register Global Country Domain Names

Clive Lobo

I had a challanging request from one of my favourite clients reciently that proved to be nice fodder for our internet marketing blog. The client is growing and their product is beginning to develop a world-wide following. As such, they wanted us to research and develop a list of potential global domain names that they could register – For example companyabc.com, companyabc.eu, companyabc.tf… “Where in the World is Camen Sandiego is .TF?” .TF would be the country extention for the French Southern Territories in cozy Antarctica (for those wondering… Economic Activity – The territory’s natural resources are limited to fish and crustaceans; economic activity is limited to servicing meteorological and geophysical research stations and French and other fishing fleets. – special thanks to Wikipedia for that one.)

But I digress…

I couldn’t find a tool that would allow me to enter the desired domain name (companyabc) and check the various global extentions… so I decided to create the next best thing. First, I found this alphabetical domain list. I then decided it would be more valuable to me if the domains were organized by continant. This particluar client is experiencing most of its growth in Europe, and some countries in Asia thus, the first domains I checked were there.

The lists can be sorted by COUNTRY NAME or COUNTRY DOMAIN to help you find anything specific you are looking for. Each country name (with some exceptions) has links to the country registrar or a site where you can register a domain name in that particular country.

In addition to the continential organization, there is also a list of “specialty” domain listing, which include the popular .com, .net, .mobi and .aero (yep, for those aviation websites you have been looking for).









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