What You Need To Know About Google Authorship

Peter Reitano

It’s hard not to notice the many changes Google has made recently, especially all of the buzz about Google+. Instead of being a social media platform that people made fun of, Google+ has turned into a force to be reckoned with. Many SEO experts predict that Google+ will be instrumental in the future of SEO and overall visibility on Google. Google+ is relevant in many different contexts, from hangouts with personal friends to establishing a brand as an online authority in a niche subject. One prominent feature on Google+ is Google Authorship.

Since its launch in 1998, Google has increasingly worked to connect users with relevant content. Things were pretty limited in the early 2000s as far as personal Internet usage went. Widespread infrastructure such as high-speed Internet at home was not readily available or affordable. Imagine trying to load almost any modern social media platform using a dial-up connection! Gathering big data from real people on a large scale was not feasible at the time.

Today, smartphones with 4G connections have more capabilities than DOS operating systems with dial-up. Instead of waiting for ten minutes just to connect to the Internet at home, people can now reach for mobile phones in purses and pockets almost anywhere. There is a better chance for Google to gather detailed, relevant data and provide a better service for users.

SERP with image

Google Authorship is another way Google can establish relevancy and credibility. Google Authorship is a rising feature on Google+. Google+ users can attribute posts to their original authors who are real people and appear with images in SERPs.  More important than trying to “beat the system,” embrace Google Authorship for the following reasons:

  • Giving credit where credit is due can add to the credibility of your claims
  • Google Authorship can give you a chance to connect with influential people in your industry or brand advocates
  • Google Authorship can be used as a tool to keep your followers on Google+ engaged and keep data flowing
  • Build brand credibility by interacting with an interested audience and influential industry members with Google Authorship

In other words, do not think about Google Authorship as just another feature to help site rankings on Google. Think about Google Authorship in broader terms than simple ways to maybe utilize the feature more effectively.

Why does Google focus on relevancy to such a large extent?

Google has placed an increasing emphasis on relevancy because they can. Big data from real people is readily accessible. Relevancy helps searchers, web browsers, and businesses. After all, why wouldn’t Google want to continue to provide a better service to businesses and users alike?

The beauty of Social Media in search algorithms

The real value of incorporating social media platforms in search algorithms is for the chance to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.  Google Authorship on Google+ is one small example of how the online community can embrace creativity and true innovation – so get on the gravy train!

If you feel like you’re lost in translation reading this article, give us a call to talk about Google Authorship and SEO in 2013.

Peter Reitano

An active participant and early adopter in the digital space, our President Peter has strong insight into online behaviour and social trends.

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