What Makes A Website More Trustworthy?

Jordan Rodriguez

This is a super important question that every company should be able to answer. Any business that relies on making sales or driving leads through their website should realize the importance of “trustworthiness” when it comes to their website.

trustworthy websites

A website that is not viewed as trustworthy by users and customers will feel the lack of converting online. If you notice that you aren’t getting the results that you would like from your website, then the issue might be that your site is viewed as untrustworthy by users.

Since trustworthiness is crucial to success on the web, here are a few tips for structuring and designing  your site to be more trustworthy.

Modern Responsive Design

The overall layout and design of your site speaks volumes as to the trustworthiness of your site. Even the most web ignorant user can tell the difference between a modern design and a design that is outdated. A design that is outdated screams “unprofessional” and “stay away!”

responsive design

For this reason it is important that you ensure that your site is designed with a modern responsive layout that implements high definition pictures, easy navigation and SEO-friendly titles and heading tags.

Display Social Presence

If you want new users and customers to trust you and your website, then let them know that there is already a group of people who like and recommend you. You can do this by creating and optimizing social profiles and then adding links in the form of social buttons on your site. But don’t just create the social profiles, make sure that you interact with any customer concerns and respond to positive reviews as well. This shows that you are actively engaging with your customers and that you care.

social presence

It makes a big difference in the mind of a customer when they can see real people who have had experiences with you.

Security Badges

Online shoppers are aware of the dangers of identity theft and online security and privacy. Displaying trust badges and SSL certificates or symbols on your site is a great way to instill a sense of security to your customer while they browse your site.

For the sake of giving your customers peace of mind, let them know that it’s safe for them to use their credit card on your site without having to think twice.

Site Speed

The speed of your site is crucial because if your site is slow and lagging, then it may give off an idea that maybe your site is not running properly. If a user believes that a site isn’t functioning at 100% then that may lead to the user assuming that your site is unsafe and they will probably  leave before any purchase is made or form is filled out. This will lead to a spike in your bounce rate and that can affect your overall rankings in search engines.

If you feel your site isn’t very trustworthy then please, contact us today to see how your site can become more trustworthy.

Jordan Rodriguez

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