Using Bounce Rates For Search Engine Optimization

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataWe’ve always known the importance of bounce rate when it comes to search engine optimizatino. As Google points out on their Analytics Blog:

If your site conversion rates are low, Bounce Rate can help you understand why. If your Bounce Rates are also low, your troubles are likely due to site design and usability issues. In this case, you might focus your efforts on streamlining your conversion funnel or making your site easier to navigate.

Since bounce rates are universally defined as a visitor exiting on the page they arrived on it’s easy to compare the metric to other sites. This is another reason why we insist on using Google Analytics on all our SEO and PPC clients – so that we can accurately monitor the results of our work across all sites and continue to improve the bounce rate statistic depending on each clients circumstances. How do we do that? It depends on the circumstances but it could include improving the page copy, look, calls to action, value propositions, or the quality of the ad text and keywords (if it’s traffic from paid advertising).

If you’re interested in the bounce rate of your site call your internet marketing consultant today.

Clive Lobo

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