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Unique Phone Tracking – Our Who Called Call Tracking Services.

Calculating a complete ROI on internet marketing can be tricky especially when you need to track conversions. Most sites do so by counting the number of web leads they receive from contact forms. Unfortunately this is only part of the picture. A significant number of web visitors actually turn to the telephone when it comes to taking the big conversion step.

Most business until now have had to rely entirely on sales staff or receptions asking how the caller found them which results in spotty data. Welcome in the age of call tracking services which take the guess work out of this entire process. With our flexible call tracking service our customers can overnight begin tracking phone conversions right back to the marketing medium that generated the lead. That could be search engine optimization via organic clicks on the search engine results pages, pay per click ads, 3rd party websites such as major directories and of course offline marketing as well. Simple javascript replaces the websites usual number with the tracking number produced by the service. The visitor calls the tracking number and the call is instantly bridged to your regular lines. However, in the process the conversion is recorded.

We can track:

  • What marketing medium generated the call
  • Which keywords
  • When they called, and how long the call lasted
  • The callers actual phone number
  • The callers geographic location
  • Calls can even be recorded for training purposes (audio notice must be provided for the caller)
  • For a small fee complete address look up can be done as well

A powerful reporting portal lets our WhoCalled customers look at their call volume over time and by campaign as well as dig deeper into individual calls. Data can be exported in various formats to be used in other systems such as your favorite CRM for lead tracking purposes.

The WhoCalled service has been an outstanding accompaniment to our standard marketing efforts. Our clients appreciate the power of the data that comes with it as we’re able to calculate much more accurate ROI’s on their marketing. In some cases we have seen the Cost Per Lead be reduced by as much as 50% because half of the conversions were being done by phone – and our customers had no idea.

If you’re interested in experiencing this powerful yet simple to use service for your business we encourage you to call our marketing team 905 663-2404 ext 114 to find 0ut how you can get started. Service plans start as low as $35 (CDN) / number and $0.15 (CDN) / minute for the long distance

Clive Lobo

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