Two-Fer Tuesdays: Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clive Lobo

Two-Fer Tuesdays: Gets Visual and Live Search Gets a Makeover

1. Visualize Keyword Density

This week, I have been playing around with the visual search engine, I must say that it is pretty cool. Instead of traditional text based result pages, uses images and lets the users “flip” through each result (just like Cover Flow in iTunes). How awesome is that?

But, what I like best about is how keywords or phrases searched are highlighted with different colored boxes. Then end result being a really cool and effective way to visualize the keyword density for a given page.


2. Live Search Has a New Look

Microsoft has released a new look for its search engine. I have to say that it looks really clean. I was really hoping that Microsoft would add some of the features from its visual search engine Tafiti to the UI, but there are none. Further, it looks like Microsoft has changed the whole layout for Tafiti, complete with a Halo3 background. Interesting.

Clive Lobo

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