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Clive Lobo

Full disclosure on this post… The following is a case study from one of our clients about our new call tracking service, WhoCalled.

Through a combination of Google Analytics and Google Conversion Tracking Code, we are able to track leads sourced to SEO and PPC efforts. From there, we have the ability to track ROI and build a business case to invest more money in internet marketing efforts. In general, internet marketing results a lower cost per (insert any of the following: sale, lead, customer etc.) Analytics and Conversion code is limited to online activities and can not track offline activities like phone calls. Until now!

WhoCalled allows us to insert dynamically generated phone numbers on to a clients website each time a user comes from paid search or organic search. If a user calls that number, the call is tracked back to either source, effectively tracking a positive action (lead) for a client.

Over a 50 day period, these results were gathered:

Email leads from PPC sources: 20
Email leads from SEO sources: 24

Total: 44 email leads

Phone call leads from PPC sources: 54
Phone call leads from SEO sources: 90

Total: 144 phone calls

Overall, internet marketing generated 188 leads for this client through email form fill outs and phone calls. Before we installed this system, the ROI calculated for this client was vastly different than the actual ROI with phone calls included.

Clive Lobo

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