What Are Three Fun Summer Social Campaigns?

Clive Lobo

While many of us get away in the summer, smart brands know not to take any time off. Summer can be a great time to run a marketing campaign, especially social campaigns that revolve summer activities we love. Here are three great social media campaigns attracting our attention this summer.

  1. 7-Eleven’s #Awesummer
    This summer, 7-Eleven has been generating a ton of buzz on Twitter and Instagram with their hashtag #Awesummer. Starting with slurpees on American Memorial Day, the company has been tweeting weekly specials to its Twitter followers. They have also been encouraging customers and followers to use the hashtag to share photos of their treats. Not only have people been using the hashtag to share their favourite 7-Eleven products, but many have also started using it to talk about summer in general. This is keeping 7-Eleven top of mind all summer long!
  2. Lays #Lays75
    This year is Frito-Lays 75th Anniversary so their summer campaign, “Making Summers Perfect for 75 Years” is fitting. In honour of this milestone, Lays is creating 75 different model objects out of Lay’s packaging (model canoes, model butterflies, etc). and sharing photos of them on Twitter and Facebook. They have even shared a recipe for Lay’s 75th Birthday Cupcakes (yes, Lay’s are an ingredient). In addition to the content they have been sharing, Lay’s is asking its fans to share their own summer photos for a chance to win a $75 gift card. The #Lays75 creative objects are receiving a ton of engagement and no doubt sales have gone up.
  3. Burberry & Google’s “Burberry Kisses”
    This summer, Burberry and Google have teamed up to help friends and family stay in touch while travelling with digital postcards. The postcards can be sent to anywhere in the word through Google Maps, and each postcard is sealed with a kiss. By either pressing your lips against your smartphone screen, or using your desktop webcam, you’ll be able to send a digital impression of your lips along with your letter. Burberry is also encouraging users to apply one of five Burberry shades of lipstick. Once the postcard is ready, users can watch it travel to its destination using the newest version Google Maps. After the postcard has arrived, the sender or receiving can choose to share it on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. This fun campaign is part of Google’s ongoing collaboration with brands for their Art, Copy & Code project.

Clive Lobo

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