The Physics of Information – At The Perimeter Institute

Clive Lobo

Bob McDonald hosts an all start panel of Physisits at the “Permiter Institute” discussing The Physics of Information – could the Universe really be a simulation? Listen and decide for yourself.

I’ve filed this under Innovation and Creativity simply because listening to this podcast will open your mind causing you to think critically about your surroundings and your impact on them. Loosely it’s related to computers as well because part of the discussion is how the Universe compares to a computer and software program – as well as a discussion on whether that program can be manipulated!

Download “The Physics of Information” and listen to it. You’ll be amazed at what this all star panel of physists have to say about our universe. Things like – everything is information encoded in bits. Or, the universe could be a simulation but no one knows who’s programming it. Or, how the universe compares to a computer.

This episode is absolutely fascinating. Please give it a listen as I am sure you will find it fascinating as well.

Clive Lobo

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