The National Do Not Call List… What You Should Know…

Clive Lobo

Today marked the Canadian debut of the National Do Not Call List.  If your like me… your not a fan of getting a phone call while your busy watching a good move/t.v. show or eating dinner.  Well… it took a while but the Federal Government finally released a service to register your phone number on the “do not call” list.  The program has been implemented in the US for a while now, and has seen successful reviews from the average American consumer.  In Canada, it should be noted that even through you may register your number on the list… it doesn’t mean you will “never be bothered” by marketers.  For example, political parties, charitites, newspapers (wonder what powerful lobby influenced that one?) and “companies you already do business with” are still allowed to call you. 

If you take a quick poll of the numerous calls you get in the early evening… you might be suprised how many are from companies like your bank, local newspaper or charity… not to mention your local political candidate running for office.

Regardless… do yourself a favour and register your number on the National Do Not Call List here

Clive Lobo

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