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Jennifer Doyle

New This Week! March 31-April 4, 2014

facebook privacy dinosaur


  • Have you seen Facebook’s Privacy Dinosaur? Facebook is testing a new pop-up reminder to notify and remind users about who they’re sharing content with. Though there hasn’t been a change to Facebook’s privacy or sharing settings, the company wants to alert users to their privacy settings, ensuring that they are sharing their content with the people or group they intend to.
  • Facebook has added free voice calls to its Messenger app: Tap the phone icon next to a contacts name within Messenger to make a free voice call. A wifi or data connection is needed for both parties in order to make or receive phone calls.
  • Facebook is testing a new ‘Save’ feature: Save buttons have been popping up in some users News Feeds on links to articles, Twitter photos, or other shared content with images, allowing users to save their favourite articles for later.

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Jennifer Doyle

Jennifer is Spark’s resident Communications Manager, assisting in the creation of social strategies and marketing campaigns for all of those in need of a helping social hand.

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