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Jennifer Doyle

Welcome to the Social Media Roundup, our weekly roundup of the latest social media news, controversies, and new features. Stay tuned each week to find out what’s hot in the social world.

New This Week! September 1-September 5, 2014

facebook privact checkup


As Promised, Facebook’s Privacy Checkup Has Arrived: Facebook has turned into Mr. Responsible with its new privacy checkup! Facebook will now be asking all of its users to complete a privacy checkup in order to review who can see their posts, which third-party apps their account is connected to, and which information they are currently sharing from their bio. Facebook believes that with users having a better understanding of who can see their posts, there’s a better chance they will share more often.

Facebook Slingshots Itself In The Face By Making Reply-To-Unlock Optional: Slingshot, the already creativity-lacking app has now made itself even less innovative. What once set itself apart from Snapchat, (the requirement that friends must first reply to a slingshot with their own photo or video in order to unlock what was originally sent to them) can now be turned off, meaning it’s essentially a Snapchat clone.

twitter timeline


Algorithms Are Invading Your Twitter Stream, And Resistance Is Futile: Sad news in the Twitter-verse. Twitter is reportedly planning to introduce a version of its timeline organized according to an algorithm based on relevance, rather than its current stream based on the order in which tweets are tweeted. Time to step up your tweet game, everyone!

What do you think of Twitter changing its timeline?




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