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Jennifer Doyle

Welcome to the Social Media Roundup, our weekly roundup of the latest social media news, controversies, and new features. Stay tuned each week to find out what’s hot in the social world.

New This Week! August 25-August 29, 2014

facebook clickbait


  • You Won’t Believe This: Facebook Tries to Weed Out ‘Clickbait’: The REAL Truth About Facebook – What They Really Do Will SHOCK You – If Reason #3 Doesn’t Surprise You, By Reason #34 You’ll Be Deactivating Your Account – What They DON’T Want You to Know! Tired of seeing titles like these? Great news! Facebook has succumb to continued pressure by its users to offer better content in the News Feed and will begin to weed out clickbait articles based on the amount of time users spend reading the article as well as the number of likes and comments it receives.
  • Facebook Adds Ability to Advertise Events In News Feed: Attempting to advertise your upcoming event on Facebook? It’ll soon get more views with Facebook now allowing users to place ads for events in mobile and desktop News Feeds. So long, right column!
  • Facebook Turns On “Bandwidth Targeting” To Match Mobile Ads To Your Network Quality: With mobile devices increasingly becoming the main means for going online, Facebook is now adding bandwidth targeting, allowing advertisers the ability to target their ads based on the quality of a user’s network connection.



  • Hands-On With Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New Video Creation App: Instagram is branching out its mobile video creation services with its new standalone app, Hyperlapse. With the abilities to switch speeds, shoot steady video and more, users can share their finished videos by sending it to Instagram or Facebook, as opposed to a separate Hyperlapse feed.

pinterest analytics


  • Pinterest Rolls Out Deeper Analytics for Businesses: Marketers, rejoice! You can now see the value of your efforts on Pinterest with their new set of analytics (finally!). Pinterest now provides insight into the number of users who are engaging with pins, what countries they are from, what their interests are and much more!

Are you excited for Pinterest’s new analytics? Discuss with us below!


Jennifer Doyle

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