Social Media: The 5 Types of Users

Sarah Poshni

As you share, comment and post about your interests, while simultaneously keeping up with your friends and family, there’s no doubt that the online world of social media has transformed the way we communicate. The social media audience is on the rise, and by 2017 is expected to reach 2.55 billion!

Whether you consider yourself an avid social media user or not, it doesn’t take much time to pick up on the types of users that exist on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Though we love them all, here are 5 prominent social media users that just might drive you crazy (at times). Which one are you?

The Social Media Abuser

The social media abuser may also be known as the over-sharer or the update addict. Social media profiles are an extension of ourselves, but posting about what you had for breakfast or how it is currently raining, is taking it a bit too far. Among other mundane daily occurrences, these posts end up over-shadowing actual significant shareable updates. Just like with social media marketing, it’s important to keep the number of posts per day limited to a maximum of three posts a day (across all networks) to leave your friends/followers wanting more – not less. Over-posting can turn followers into non-followers.

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The “Selfie” User

The selfie is a common phenomenon of the 21st century, which is why this type of user deserves their very own category. All you have to do is scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed to notice this user in their latest bathroom photo-shoot. With a fully extended arm and a well-executed duck face, the “Selfie” user certainly takes their craft seriously. After the tenth selfie your friends/followers may feel like this:

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The Lovey Dovey Couple

When an individual’s profile starts looking more and more like their other half, you’ve probably encountered this type of user. Dinner dates, anniversary surprises, and even cozy nights on the couch, these couples dating habits are well documented for the world to see. Everyone is happy that you’re happy, but there is no need to make continuous public declarations of your undying love for one another.

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The Spies

Hiding behind their computer screens, these users patrol social media on a daily basis, but never participate themselves. The Spies are the ‘fly on the wall’ of social media. Curious about what others are up to for entertainment purposes or simply because they’re bored, you may not even recognize them as they can be mistaken for the inactive users. Apply privacy settings as your own virtual fly swatter.

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The Inactive User

Last but not least, this user is so under the radar when it comes to social media that we question why they’re even on it in the first place. Perhaps they gave up or just got busy, this users profile sits lonely awaiting their return. Never posting or engaging online, these users may have a small following and not even know it!

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Are there any other social media users that deserve a shout out? Please share!

*All Images were found on Pinterest

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