Should Your Business Upgrade To An Enhanced Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Peter Reitano

Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently introduced the so-called “Enhanced” Google AdWords campaigns.  Unlike your current Google AdWords campaign, an Enhanced Campaign can provide more value for your customers, whether you are looking to increase visibility for a brick-and-mortar storefront or online business. 

The big question is: How important is mobile search to your overall PPC campaign?

Mobile Search Enhanced Campaigns

Mobile search is more important than you might think

Mobile search is growing exponentially.  A recent study reported that close to half (46%) of American adults owned at least one smartphone or other mobile device in 2012 (Pew Internet,  The ownership of mobile devices by younger adults is more prominent than the ownership of mobile devices by an older population.  In addition, mobile search is growing exponentially.  Some estimate that mobile search currently accounts for just under half of all online searches.

A few short years ago, most smartphones were a fairly ineffective tool when searching online in addition to being less affordable.  Thanks to the implementation of more advanced 4G networks, more affordable smartphones, and more mobile-friendly websites, mobile search is taking off.  Improve the efficacy of your PPC campaign today by reaching an audience that is increasingly using Google on their smartphones and mobile devices.  Also, be prepared for the future of effective PPC campaigns.  In other words, have the right enhanced PPC campaign implemented, tested, and optimized before enhanced PPC campaigns become a necessity within the next year.

More advanced bidding

More advanced bidding options

Currently, you can adjust your Google AdWords bid during different times of the day.  For example, you can opt to bid more or less during prime online hours for Americans, which have historically been on Sunday evenings.  The widespread use of mobile search has made traditional predictions of when people are most apt to search for your website tricky.  Many assumed that Sunday evenings were primetime for search as many Americans were home and had access to personal computers at that time of day before the widespread popularity of mobile search.  Mobile devices have made it easy for people to search whenever and where ever they wish—from waiting in line at a coffee shop to killing time between meetings.

Enhanced search also offers you the option of changing your bid based on location.  The location of searchers used to be more stagnant before the popularity of mobile search as there was less meaningful variation in search locations when most searches were completed on personal computers.  For example, many mobile searchers might want to search for a gift shop near their current location which they plan to patronize within the hour.  The immediate location of mobile searchers can highly determine whether or not your PPC campaign is effective based on the type of business you own (a business based primarily online versus one based primarily in a storefront).

Enhanced PPC campaigns are inevitable

Based on the popularity of mobile search, there are rumors that Google plans to introduce all AdWords campaigns to its mobile search in the near future.  PPC marketing strategies are changing as quickly as new hardware and search tools readily become available.  To optimize your overall PPC marketing strategy, be prepared to embrace the future of mobile search.



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