Should You Advertise on Your Brand?

Clive Lobo

When I first started running pay-per-click ads, I was hesitant to advertise on “branded” terms. My thought process was simple – a clients site should be ranking well organically and when someone searches for the name of their company/website – they will be in the 1st position. Running a pay-per-click ad on branded terms would be a waste of money… right?

Not exactly, here’s why…

Branded terms convert at an extremely high rate – no surprise there. They also will do great things for your accounts click through rate which has a large part to play in how much you need to bid in order to dominate the premium PPC positions on the first page. Running a separate campaign of branded terms will allow you to devote a budget to terms which will usually give you CTR’s of 20 – 40%. Is it a waste of money? Not at all, for a lot of clients, I can usually get away with bidding a few pennies per click compared to a few dollars per click for the more general industry related terms. I would happily spend $5 a day to leech off of a high CTR that will help the rest of my account.

So there you have it… a little PPC tip to start your day.

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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