Search Engine Optimization Tips To Rank For Geo Targeted Terms

Clive Lobo

We’ve pulled together a few tips for business owners to help them rank their websites for geo targeted terms.

Business owners often times want to rank for geo targeted terms because they are in specific local markets. However, their websites don’t reflect this from a content perspective! So, here are some tips you can employ to get your site ranking better for geo targeted terms.

  • Write a paragraph on your home page as close to the top of the page in the body content area that starts with the most important keyphrase you want to rank for and then mentions the geographic areas you offer that to. For example, you could write something like “Offering House Painting in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario.” House Painting is your most important keyphrase, and Toronto, the GTA and Ontario are your geographic areas!
  • In the left hand side column of every page (or in your footer if you don’t have a left column) be sure to mention your contact information including address followed by the list of geographic areas.
  • On your contact us page be sure to include your physical address and the list of geographic areas you service.
  • If you have physical locations in the geographic areas you want to rank for be sure to get them listed in Google Local, and as many other Local Search services as you can.
  • Get listed in local directories and/or yellow pages sites

If you do the above – the search engines will have a far better time understanding what geographic areas you can serve. More importantly they will relate those geographies to the geo targeted keywords you are trying to rank for. In this example you would have a far better opportunity to rank for “house painting toronto”, “house painting GTA”, and “house painting ontario” than if you did not speak of these geographies on your website!

So have a look at your website and see if it needs a geographic boost like we discussed here!

Clive Lobo

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