Representing the values of the company

Clive Lobo

Maintaining a company’s values are important but how do we get our staff to do the same? Is it as easy as writing it in a training manual or putting it in posters on the wall?

A well thought out company has well thought out values. Many large and small companies lay out the moral code, ethical relationship or sometimes call them rules to run the company by. They are outlined in a business plan, introduced by the staff to an employee welcome meeting or more often than not forgotten about entirely. Why should we care about the values in our company? Well, because they structure how the company runs as a whole: from the staff, to the building, to the product and to the type of customers we acquire. Values shape ourselves and our company. Here are 5 simple and easy things to remember when wanting to integrate your companies values within your staff as a whole.

1. Set the example: If you claim to be honest and looking out for the client’s best interest; then demonstrate it with your own actions. There is nothing worse than a hypocritical boss preaching what they don’t do themselves.

2. Incorporate your values into the company culture: For example; if part of your values include work-balance than demonstrate that by providing support, resources, and a vacation structure to help your employees achieve this.

3. Bring it to the community: There is nothing better than having your entire company trumpeting the values that it stands for. If part of your values include giving back, awareness and helping others, do it as a team. It will solidify relationships, gain loyalty and send your value message outside the confines of your office.

4. Reward your team for upholding the values: If team members are following the values of the company and demonstrating them in day to day activities, reward them for it. Come up with a point system or reward structure that recognizes your employee efforts. This will reinforce the good behavior and encourage it in the future.

5. Build value into your company processes: For example, if you are focusing on environmental awareness as a company, make sure that your actual employees, business processes and office are complimenting that goal.


Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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