PubCon Las Vegas Day 1 – Social Media 101 The Playing Field

Clive Lobo

Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel and others provide a great overview of the latest social media sites and how to leverage them both from a white hat and grey hat perspective.

The social meda landscape is changing rapidly every day as new and interesting sites emerge. Knowing how to leverage these sites for your particular situation is they key to a successful strategy.Vegas

The panel reminded us that the goal of most social media marketing is to get your website and content in front of social media users (linkerati) so that they will consume your content and link to it. The resulting links then boost the popularity of your website in the search engines (which will send you qualified traffic when searched for) and will send traffic to your site. Again – the goal is to get links to your site which will boost you presence on the search engines.

Here are some strategic points to consider when planning a social media campaign.

  1. Identify your topic of interest
  2. Brainstorm potential stories to write and promote
  3. Research the social media sites to find out what types of stories have been popular
  4. Choose your best ideas and write them up specifically for those social media sites you want to target
  5. Publish your content, and begin seeding it in these sites.
  6. When seeding your content be sure to use good titles, descriptions, properly categorize it and choose appropriate keywords!

For various reasons we’re not going to post the list of social media sites on the blog but we will be writing them up in our newsletter.

Clive Lobo

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