The Perks of Hosting with WP Engine


What is WP Engine?

WP Engine (WPE) is a hosting and managing provider for WordPress-built websites. If your site was a car, WPE would be your garage and your mechanic in one. They take care of any issues business owners without a full-time web team might encounter.


What exactly does that mean?


The main issue many clients have is the fear of getting ‘hacked.’ With WPE, don’t worry about it! WPE automatically scans for and fixes any hacking attempts. In the off chance you do get hacked, they will fix it for free.

Another big part of security is your actual site content. Let’s say you accidentally deleted all of your blog posts. Oh no, what do you do? Re-write all of them? Instead of wasting hours upon hours of your time, you can simply go to your WPE admin area and restore your site to the exact state it was in before your blog fiasco. More about security here.


WPE is amazing at making sure your site is always live, and it also loads your content as quickly as possible, which can help with your rankings. Google takes load time into consideration when ranking sites, so the faster your site, the more plausibility you have. You also don’t have to be worried about your site shutting down if you get more traffic. WPE hosting architecture is tuned to deliver the fastest WordPress hosting, and they will never take your site down for having too much traffic. Read more about fast page loads here.



This is where they leap over other hosting providers by miles. In my personal experience, the quality and the amount of content there is for support is amazing. They are available 24/7 for live chat support – give them a call, email them, and they’ll get back to you in a very reasonable span of time. When they do get back to you, they are very knowledgeable and helpful. 


Development of WordPress sites is pretty straightforward, but WPE makes it even easier. It gives you both a Live site, and a Staging site where you can make changes. If you have a new plugin or content you would like to test out, you can create it in the staging site first, without affecting the user experience of your live site, and then within minutes, transfer the new content live and WPE will do it seamlessly for you. 

So what is the cost for all this?

Considering everything they offer, purchasing a hosting package with WPE is a great idea. For $29/month, you get a lot more than your ordinary hosting providers like goDaddy. You are not just paying for a garage to park your site at, you are paying for a full team of mechanics, a luxury garage, and an amazing service experience, and to me, that’s worth it. 

Check out what people are saying about WPE here.


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