On Hiring An Expert

Clive Lobo

Sari over at U2R1 recently wrote an interesting piece about the struggle between clients and designers over creative control.

I agree with what she had to say and felt I should share it with you too. Not only does it apply to designers but any expert you hire!

The heart of the issue is that as experts clients hire us to do what we do best. In some cases though clients are unwilling to let the experts take control and do what they do best.

When that happens the results are usually less than optimal and then everyone loses out. The client loses because they feel they did not get the best service for their money, and we lose a client and referral. It’s unfortunate for both parties because had the experts been allowed to do what they do best the results likely would have been different. And if there not? Well, at least you can clearly lay the blame on the expert!

For more on this topic check out Saria’s post on itThe fight over creative control who get’s TKO“

Clive Lobo

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