New Search Engine Wikia Search Has Launched

Clive Lobo

Search engine just launched. Will it be the fourth search engine?

Will Wikia Search become the fourth search engine next to Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Who knows. Perhaps the fact that it’s an open source platform will help it do so. is the brainchild of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wikia Search

Some of the more interesting things about Wikia Search are that it’s based on user managed content (like a Wiki) and that it’s Open Source. Since the engine is absolutely new – the quality of the data in it is very low. However, if it takes off the quality of the data will increase dramatically because of the power of the community contributing to it.

I’m a little sceptical though. Any social media platform can be gained – and this is no different. While it requires a large crowd of resources to influence it – there is nothing preventing someone from enlisting the help of a large crowd!

Only time will tell! I urge you all to test out Wikia Search and become a participating member. It will only be good if many people participate!

Clive Lobo

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