New Backlink Checking Tool

Clive Lobo

Web Design Elixirs has released a new backlink checking too. I’ve tried it out and while the report needs a little polishing it appears to work fairly well.

The report queries Yahoo! for the backlinks and is able to report data on 3000 links while Yahoo! only reports data on the first 1000. The report provides you with:

  • Domain Page
  • Inbound link URL
  • Anchor Text
  • NoFollow status
  • Redirect status
  • Page Title
  • Heading
  • Total Links
  • IP Address

I suggested they add the following to make the report a little friendlier:

  • Domain being checked & PR
  • Total Links
  • Total Links Reported On
  • Report Date
  • Download to TSV option

Give the backlink report tool a test drive. Let us know what you think by posting a comment here!

Clive Lobo

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