My Favourite Google Analytics Plug-ins, Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Clive Lobo

I have been getting very heavily into Google Analytics. It is really amazing what this simple, free program can do for you business. It does, as we all know, have its limitations and things that make you want to scream “GOOGLE… Why couldn’t you just add this (insert function here) into this dang system!” Anyway… I got a little side tracked there 🙂

There are plenty of great plug-ins and “hacks” that are available from some very smart, wicked cool people. I present, for your review gentle reader, my list of great plug-ins, hacks, tips & tricks.

1. Notes for Google Analytics:
Notes for Google Analytics

This one is gold! It allows you to write notes on a GA profile of events or things that you deem important. For example, you may have changed a goal slightly – you can note this for future reference. Each user who views the GA account (AND HAS THIS INSTALLED) can view, edit and add notes. Notes can also be exported to excel.

2. Multiple Profile Viewer:
Multiple Profile Viewer for Google Analytics

This will allow you to switch between profiles from the same section of GA. For example, if you are looking at Goals in the root client profile and want to see how it compares to a different profile with different filters – you can switch using this and not have to start at the dashboard and navigate your way to the goals. The date range will also remain the same.

3. Unusual Trends (VERY COOL)
Unusual Keyword & Referring Traffic Trends

This tool will help you to see some unusual keyword trends in GA. After you install it, open GA, navigate to keywords and look for the button called “who sent me unusual traffic” – click it. You should now see a couple of new graphs which show keywords with a 20% increase in traffic and a 20% decrease in traffic. It is a good way to see progress for SEO keywords you are working on. By the way… if you haven’t subscribed to Joost’s blog – you really should. This guy really knows his stuff and posts some excellent WordPress stuff.

4. Goal Copy Extension
Goal Copying Extension for Google Analytics

I met John (the author of this plug in) in New York at a session on advanced Google Analytics implementation. Great guy, really knows his stuff and was innovative to create this great plug in that allows you to copy a set of goals from one profile and past them into another. No more typing everything twice! Thanks John.

I have more… but I will have to separate this post… but I have work to do.

Clive Lobo

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