MS’s Kumo?

Clive Lobo

Microsoft is experimenting internally with a new search interface called Kumo. What’s going on here?

One of the most obvious issues Microsoft struggles with is branding their products. Search falls squarely into that category of issues. While “” is a great domain, it’s not synonymous with searching.  Same is true of Oh don’t forget that all of the other stuff they do only adds to the confusion because you never know where to go to get to anything. Even though I use a ton of MS products and services I still feel this way.

Will a new name for Microsoft Search help them in this space? I don’t think so. What would help is simplifying the user experience across the entire suite of online services that Microsoft offers. If they can do that I am convinced they’ll see an increase in search market share.

Take their nemesis Google for example. To get to anything Google – you go or, sign in and bang you’ve got access to all of your Google services including search. It’s that simple to get around Google services, and I am sure they’ll continue keeping it that simple.

Lets just have a quick look at a few Microsoft domains:


I just did a quick search (in Google) and came up with these. I’m sure there are more, perhaps many more. Some of these I am seeing for the first time. For example, I never knew there was an site.

Will a new name for Microsoft search help? I don’t think so. Simplicity and ease of access is what will help Microsoft take on more share of the search industry!

Clive Lobo

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