Microsoft Launches – Experimental Search Site Developed With Silverlight

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataIs Microsoft becoming “cooler” than Google? Arguably Microsoft has sat back on it’s laurels when it came to the search and browser wars. In fact, they were falling behind with respect to everything internet related. Google on the other hand embraced the web, earned the hearts of the search public and innovated or acquired cool and useful technologies to help their user base.

Although late to wake up to the situation Microsoft is beginning to get their momentum back again. Starting with the release of ASP.NET several years ago, then with the IE7, enhancements to search, then with Silverlight and today with

Is Microsoft a sleeping giant just now waking up from it’s long slumber? I think so. I also think that Google’s lustre can’t last forever. Eventually, if Microsoft is persistent and relentless with innovating and marketing they will become a dominant force in the changing landscape of search.

So what’s so exciting about Nothing really – it’s actually not that useful a search product. However, it’s really interesting to use and play around with even though it’s very buggy at this time. There are two features which will give you an idea of the “cool factor”. Watch this video demo to get an idea – the file is large, so just give it a few seconds to load.

Tafiti Video

Like I said, it’s not that useful if you’re trying to find results quickly and get something done. However, if you’re simply out to do some casual internet surfing – try it out. The experience is certainly different.

So, what does everyone else think? Is Microsoft on a current upward trend in popularity and innovation? Or am I completely wrong and off base?

Clive Lobo

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