Is work making you crazy??

Clive Lobo

Well maybe it won’t make you crazy (although I think we are all a little crazy some days) but what will constant stress and a lack of work-life balance do for us in the long run?

Work-life balance. This is a concept we all hear, some try to strive for it, and others believe they have already achieved. We all want it…can we achieve it? I am still trying.. Wikipedia says that, “‘Work-life balance’ was coined to address the unhealthy life choices that many people were making; they were choosing to neglect other important area of their lives such as family, friends, and hobbies in favor of work-related chores and goals.” There are a lot of elements to each of our lives. How are we dealing with them?

You are either an employee, employer, or sole proprietor; all come with unique challenges. Regardless, some stats that I read recently did not shock me…and that is the startling part. According to a study conducted recently by the Canadian Mental Health organization, 83% of Canadians reported having shown up for work while sick or exhausted. This doesn’t strike me as shocking. I expected it.

Typically, most people don’t take time off work for a cold or because we stayed up a bit late the night before but people should take time to recoup when they are very ill or under extreme exhaustion. Do we take that time to heal? As an employer or sole proprietor, there is less likelihood that you even take weekends off to relax. Take time and allow your team to take time. Whether it would be to recover or relax; you and your team will come back rejuvenated, motivated, and more productive.

So how is this lack of work-life balance affecting us over time?

We are in a time where we are getting fatter, eating bad quality foods, overworking ourselves…and for what? To die younger, live with disease, destroy relationships and suffer physically? Life expectancy is starting to drop in different areas in the United States, according to a recent study done. David Brown of the Washington Post reported that, “For the first time since the Spanish influenza of 1918, life expectancy is falling for a significant number of American women”. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OURSELVES? Since 1918? Really? Are you kidding me? Currently, we are the most intelligent and resourceful we have ever been in history and neglecting the number one commodity…us.

Today’s blog is definitely a mish mash of thoughts but it is something I hope you all think about. We are useless to our families, friends, companies, bosses and employees if we can’t take care of ourselves. As I am writing this I am reminded of the airplane warnings when you board…they tell you to place the oxygen mask on yourself BEFORE helping your loved ones. The first time I saw that I said to myself, “Why wouldn’t I help my kid first?” I get it now: if I am starting to pass out…I will be useless to my child.

Please feel free to share how you feel about this topic and what your experiences are.

Take care of yourself!

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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