Is the Google Toolbar Spyware?

Clive Lobo

Christopher Kata

This evening I was doing my regular reading and came across this older blog post suggesting that the Google toolbar is actually a great piece of spy-ware for Google to snoop on Search Engine Optimizers!

The idea being that most people install the toolbar in order to easily see the PageRank of a website they are on. Many SEO’s do this – not the average person! OK, I guess we can lump webmasters and maybe developers into this group too. But, because of the PageRank, I agree that a good proportion of them would be SEO’s.

What a better way to see where on the web search engine optimizers are going, which sites they are using, where they are buying links from, etc.

I’ve never used the Google Toolbar in my life, and I have no plan to do so. Google sees too much of what we do on-line as it stands and I don’t want to give them too much more. Now that you know this you may want to read the entire post – you just may decide to uninstall your Google Toolbar.

Clive Lobo

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