Is The FBI Leveraging Social Media To Spread Their Message?

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataRecently the FBI announced via Press Release their “Operation Bot Roast” and the “Bot Herders” that the operation is targetting. Operation Bot Roast is the FBI’s attempt to identify and shut down operators of Bot Nets which are responsible for a variety of cybercrimes including phishing, email spamming and Denial of Service attacks.

What is un characteristic of this press release is the humorous names such as Bot Roast and Bot Herder. FBI press releases are never this attention grabbing. Given that this is an operation targetting cyber crimes, I think (and this is just my opinion) that the PR staff for the FBI consciously advised them to name the operations as they did so that they would appeal to the community, get blogged and passed around!

I bet we’ll see this Press Release make it round the internet very quickly!

Clive Lobo

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