Why You Should Invest In Mobile-Friendly PPC Campaigns

Ben Dankiw

Remember Mobilegeddon? Google’s big mobile update had SEO teams all over the world prepared for the worst a few months ago. Although most businesses have made the (highly recommended) jump to mobile-friendly websites, many still haven’t invested in mobile-friendly PPC campaigns. We decided to sit down with our friends at Google to go over where PPC is heading and how businesses can take advantage of mobile marketing. This is what we learned:

2015 Was A Huge Year For Mobile

2015 is the first year in which mobile engagement actually surpassed desktop in the digital space. This trend is hardly surprising, but it does highlight that people are doing more and more with their phones than ever before.

mobile search 2015

This trend has forced the hand of many companies to invest in mobile friendly websites and it shouldn’t be any different for their advertising campaigns.

There’s More To Mobile Reporting Than You Think

“But our clients don’t convert on mobile” – that’s a common misconception based on the idea that the value of a mobile campaign can only be attributed to traditional click-to-convert reporting. To gain accurate insight into the campaign’s online value, a more complete attribution model needs to be implemented:

attribution modeling

Micro-Moments Are A Thing Now

Once you have established an effective attribution model, it’s now just a matter of putting together a strategy. You may have heard the term micro-moments. It’s the new buzzword surrounding mobile and it’s an incredibly accurate one. We engage with our phone very differently than we used to, so advertisements need to be tailored to these adjustments – think about it. Here are just a few examples of some typical micro-moments:


Mobile Is Changing The Buyer’s Journey

Just check out these numbers on how mobile devices affect the purchase journey – they’re crazy high and prove that you need to always be present in the SERP, especially on a local level.

mobile search

Mobile’s Effect On The Purchase Journey

Targeting On Mobile Is A Whole Different Ball Game

Now, how are we supposed to target these prospective clients with relevant ads that don’t mess with their mobile experience, but complement it instead? This is where we need to set up mobile specific ads that are dimensionally targeted to the right time, place, and device with the right ad creative. There are a wide variety of creative types and each have their place to meet a marketing objective.

Mobile Media Channels

Media Channels On Mobile

Depending on your business goals and available resources, there’s a wide variety of different forms of advertising content that can help you hit your objectives. Each ad channel speaks to users in different stages of the mobile marketing funnel; it becomes a matter of evaluating your marketing mix and how you can maximize your share of voice across these channels to gain the most revenue.

Interested in finding out how valuable mobile can be for you business? Contact us to run a mobile investment test. Our experts will:

  1. Use industry data to show that target market is on mobile devices
  2. Use organic traffic or benchmarks to set a starting mobile bid
  3. Run mobile investment for 3-4 full purchase cycles
  4. Run test until there are at least 20 conversions on both mobile/desktop within the month

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