Internet Marketing Toronto – Post 7: Forums

Clive Lobo

Internet Marketing Toronto – Post 7: Forums

Forums are a great way to participate in meaningful conversations on your specific topic or industry while building awareness of your website, products and services as well as developing back links to it. In many cases forum links are followed which is even better! However, that’s not what matters in this context. With forums we’re really interested in generating exposure to your brand and developing the back links from .ca domains and have a Toronto focus.

So, how do you find them? I created a list of “Toronto Forums” with .ca domains by using the following three advanced search queries in Google. Use the Advanced Search option in Google and list 100 results at a time to make your life easier.

  • [vBulletin toronto] Finds toronto based forums using vbulletin and a .ca domain.
  • [phpbb toronto] Finds toronto based forums using phpbb and a .ca domain.
  • [forum toronto] Finds toronto based forums which contain forum as a keyword and a .ca domain.

With any one of these queries you can specify additional keywords to target specific topics. For example, if you want to just find gardening forums in Toronto on a .ca domain you can try this:

  •  [gardening forum toronto]

The following forums are just a selection of ones I found while working some of these queries discussed above.

  1. Urban Toronto
  2. UFT Students (you don’t need to be student)
  3. GT Cars Forum
  4. Blue Jay Way (Baseball forum)
  5. Leafs Forever (Hockey Forum)
  6. Digital Home Forum
  7. Toronto Raptors – Hooplife Forums
  8. Biking Forum
  9. Toronto Argonauts Forum
  10. Red Patch Boys – Toronto FC Supporters Club (Soccer)
  11. Law Students Forum
  12. Toronto Integras (Acura Forum)
  13. Toronto Golf Insider Forum
  14. Toronto Nissan Forum
  15. Toronto Mazda Forum
  16. Canadian Aviation Historical Society Forum
  17. EHMac – Canada’s MAC Forum
  18. Canadian Automobile Sports Club Forum
  19. Gardening Life Forum
  20. Cybertron
  21. CinemaSpy
  22. Smart Canucks
  23. Golf Resource
  24. Pro Gaming League Forum
  25. E46 Toronto – BMW Forum
  26. Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada
  27. Ask A Master Gardener
  28. Canada Jams Forum
  29. Canadian Nursing Students’ Association
  30. Young Poets

I encourage you to experiment with this and identify possible forums relevant to your site. Most importantly – start participating on the forums. Be sure to setup your signature with a link back to your website and if possible do it with one of your most important keywords!

Up next: Post #8: Directories. Find out which directories might be worth participating in within the Toronto context.

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