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Clive Lobo

Here is my latest round of interesting internet marketing content from the past week.

  • Tracking Email with Google Analytics
    In this article Justin Cutroni provides a complete primer on how to setup Google Analytics to track email marketing visitors using Link Tagging. It’s an in depth resource that I found very insightful. If you’re doing any kind of email marketing I recommend you give this one a read.
  • SEM Basics: How to Use a Proxy IP in Firefox
    Nick Wilsdon brings us this great primer on how to use a Proxy IP Address in Firefox. He starts off by explaining what it is, and then why of course you need to use one from time to time. We use them for testing rankings and ad text from different country specific search engines, but of course the usefullness of a proxy ip is limited only by your imagination!
  • 2008 Canadian Blog Awards
    If you’re operating a popular Canadian blog you may want to submit it for the Canadian Blog Awards contest! Just have someone nominate your blog – and then wait and see!
  • Visualizing Data In The Cloud
    Google Launches the Visualization API that lets developers build applications ontop of Google Spreadsheets. User can integrate gadgets from the Google Visualization Gadget Gallery into webpages anywhere on the interent and display data from their Google Spreadsheets. Have a look at the post to find out more.
  • 50+ Must Read Web Design for ROI, Usability and SEO Articles
    SEOptimise brings us a great set of resources around Web Design for ROI, Usability and SEO. If you’re interested in honing your skills in this area give these resources a read.
  • Announcing Applications on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn launches applications! “This initial roll out features productivity applications that range from gathering information that professionals around you are generating to enhancing your abilities to collaborate and communicate more effectively.” If you’re a linkedin user I recommend you give some of these apps a try!

I hope these resources come in useful to you! Come back next week for another round of links!

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