How to Un-Link a Google Analytics Account from an AdWords Account

Clive Lobo

This post might be for more MCC managers and those people with multiple clients… Fair Warning.
If you have ever created a Google Analytics account from within Google AdWords or incorrectly associated a GA account with the wrong Adwords account… well, Google has now made it easier to correct your mistakes. Before this new addition, one had to call into Google and have a “Googler” take care of this issue… well hang up the phone my friend!

Step 1. Access your Google Analytics account from within AdWords
Step 2. Click the “Edit Account Settings” link from the first page
Step 3. Click “Unlink your account from Analytics”

Vola – your done…

For the record, if you do this in error and want to re-link – that is not a problem but your AdWords data will be erased from the account. Also… be careful of the link below as you can completely delete your Analytics account!

Clive Lobo

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