How To Make Your Blog Drive Revenue

Peter Reitano

There are two different types of successful blogs that can help you make money. The first type of blog is seen on many up-to-date websites. This supplemental blog is not meant to be a standalone entity. Instead, it is a common feature on websites that can serve a few very useful purposes, including:

  • Creating an educated clientele
  • Keeping your website active and competitive in search engine rankings
  • Engaging content can keep visitors on your site longer which also helps rankings

The other type of blog is what we like to call the “celebrity blog.” As a standalone entity, it can make money for you. Instead of being a feature on a site for a business, it is the main attraction for a moneymaking community.

How to Make Your Supplemental Blog Awesome

Instead of only posting things relevant to your business for the sake of keeping your site active, post things that visitors will want to watch or read. You can mix things up to make them more interesting. Be funny. Tell your customers something they needed to know yesterday. Have a cool video clip. Show cool pictures. Try to have an engaging post regularly besides reiterating what is on the rest of your website.

how to write engaging content - post funny pictures 

The Ever-Unobtainable Celebrity Blog

So you want to be the next celebrity blogger? First, you have to want to blog for the love of blogging. Second, it helps to come up with a creative twist for your blog. Most people have a number of friends and acquaintances that can reiterate their life stories. Below are two very different types of celebrity blogs:

1.       Post Secret

Before he gave presentations in meg-auditoriums across the globe, Frank Warren used to speak in the backroom of a small bookstore. He always wore several rubber-bands around his wrist because the mail lady delivered the secrets in stacks held together by them. He really loved his secrets and his blog.

2.       1000 Awesome Things

Who doesn’t like a nice pick-me up every weekday? Neil Pasricha has done us all a favour by reminding us of the awesome things around us all the time. He has gotten extensive media coverage and published a few national bestsellers. What’s more awesome than creating a community around awesome things? Not much.

To All Bloggers and Blog Writers

Put yourself out there. You often have to step a little outside of the social media norm if you want to create something engaging. You might end up traveling the globe, or you might end up having a cool few weeks. Perhaps you might add something more to your website than an SEO feature. As featured in 1000 Awesome Things, there are a lot of awesome things out there. Go write them in your blog.

Peter Reitano

An active participant and early adopter in the digital space, our President Peter has strong insight into online behaviour and social trends.

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