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Clive Lobo

The title of this blog can be a bit of a bizarre teaser because some may be thinking of how pay scales, prices, presentation, marketing or sales tips help their businesses. Although all are important, there is one thing that many people do not keep front and center in their day to day lives. How can I serve you?

I am not talking about how might you be able to provide your clients a service or give them a product. What I am referring to is how can you think of your employees and your clients before your interests. It isn’t easy. As humans, we are innately selfish beings who look to protect the true number one. It is a strong belief in the Spark community that if we think of our clients first, our relationships will develop and our clients will be happy. As a result, we will perform better as a team and our company will thrive.

You might be wondering…what does ‘serving’ look like? It can come in a number of ways and at each company and in each industry, it is different. Let’s say that your clients are having trouble understanding a concept that you end up repeating month after month. Instead of spending more time verbally explaining how things work or how the product may function; come up with alternative ways of communicating. Some people may require visuals or interactive demonstrations. Instead of waiting for the client to ask if there is another way to present the information; pay attention to their body language and tone of voice. If you sense frustration or confusion, offer an alternative way of explaining yourself.

Same goes with the sales process. I can’t seem to shake the feeling I get when I am in an electronics store or a furniture store at the end of a work day. As soon as I walk in I feel like a mouse in a field with eagles hovering overhead. No matter how much I may think I am hiding from the predator, it can still see me. Quotas need to be made and items need to be sold. Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging anyone to back off from sales. However, what I think is important is the customer in this situation. It is important to identify their needs and their wishes. If they are looking for a dining room set, don’t try to sell them a couch to up the deal. Be respectful of their needs and try to feel them out accurately and with respect. Desperation and quota time stinks all over a person and is the biggest deterant for any customer. In a day with so much selection and pricing competition; the relationship makes the sale so don’t ruin it at the beginning.

I previously referred to the “Law of Influence” from the book The Go-Giver. To recap, The Law of Influence is how you put others needs before your own. Both Buddhism and Christianity had similar philosophies in their teachings. Part of Buddhism identifies with suffering and tries to eliminate it. Jesus told people to love your enemy and love your neighbor as you would love yourself. This may seem like a stretch at first glance but think about how this applies to business. If I serve my customer and my staff, I will attract more business over time through my good reputation and outstanding attention to detail. Let every client leave smiling and feeling like number one when they contact your businesses. The referrals and testimonials will start pouring in as a result.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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