Halo 3 Launches Tomorrow – The Power of Internet Marketing Revealed

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataThere is no question any more that Internet Marketing is by far the most cost effective marketing medium available today. The ROI is far better than traditional mediums of Newspaper, magazines, radio, television, bilboards etc.

Let’s consider Halo 3. It launches tomorrow and I was wondering just how much online presence it’s generated for itself. A quick back link check shows 24, 253 links to the entire site – not bad.

Halo 3

There are roughly 6000 postings on Digg, 185,500 blog posts in Bloglines and 473 postings on GameSpy.

That’s quite a lot of buzz online which you can just imagine is translating into quite a lot of traffic to the Halo 3 website. Obviously Halo 3 has had a lot of aide from previous versions so people are already familiar with the series and were eagerly anticipating the release of the new version which has contributed to this online presence. However, it is a powerful example of how successful online marketing can be.

So how do you harness this for your business? It starts with having something interesting to talk about. That means you have to make news. Do something that is newsworthy, and then take the time to write about it on your website, blog and issue a press release. Before you do this – announce it to bloggers and websites online which have an interest in your industry – they will appreciate knowing about it first. Then start participating in forums and blogs as people begin discussing it. If it makes sense you can even promote it through sites like LinkedIn.

Now is the time to take advantage of the power of Internet Marketing today – start now by thinking of ways you can make “news” in your industry.

Clive Lobo

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