Grow Your Business By Finding And Keeping Innovation Champions

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataThe most recent episode of the Killer Innovations Podcast “Finding and Keeping Innovation Champions” is a must listen for anyone operating a business – not just those in hi-tech industries.

I’m a very big fan of Phil McKinney and his Killer Innovations podcast. In fact, Phil’s show (and my 1st generation iPod Nano) were instrumental in shaping my life over the last two and half years. Let’s just say he awoke in me a level of creativity I had forgotten all about.

In his most recent episode Phil talks passionately about how to find / spot “innovation champions” in your company, and how to keep them. Regardless of the size of business your operating – if you’re at all interested in growing it, you must listen to this episode and practice what he preaches.

Innovators – those individuals who are constantly coming up with new ideas for the business are so important to your company – because it is those people that will help you find the next product, service, or theory which will shape your company for the future.

Find these people, empower them, encourage them, and grow your company.

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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