Google Webmaster Tools Interface Update!

Clive Lobo

Google has anounced an updated user interface for Google Webmaster Tools.

Webmaster tools is an extremely valuable resource every webmaster should be familiar with. It provides a host of features which help you ensure Google is interacting with your website in the most efficient and effective means possible. Over the years since its launch it has grown in popularity and due to overwhelming feedback from users, Google has updated the interface to make it even more convenient to use.

Some of the new features include:

  • One-stop Dashboard: We redesigned our dashboard to bring together data you view regularly: Links to your site, Top search queries, Sitemaps, and Crawl errors.
  • More top search queries: You now have up to 100 queries to track for impressions and clickthrough! In addition, we’ve substantially improved data quality in this area.
  • Sitemap tracking for multiple users: In the past, you were unable to monitor Sitemaps submitted by other users or via mechanisms like robots.txt. Now you can track the status of Sitemaps submitted by other users in addition to yourself.

The only interface is available for a few more weeks to aide with the transition, and you can get the new interface by logging into

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