Google Updates GA Account Management Pages

Clive Lobo

Google releases improvements to Google Analytics interface!

Google today announced an update to the Google Analytics Account Management pages. The changes Google has been making to GA lately have been very useful and certainly improve our ability to see at a glance how websites are performing. These new round of changes are indeed welcome! Here are some examples of new features:

  • Easily navigate from account to profiles by just clicking on the account name (and back with Overview)
  • Better understand the hierarchy relationship between accounts and profiles and quickly find their webproperty ID
  • See key loyalty and success metrics for all your accounts and profiles, and sort by any of these metrics
  • Use the “Find Profiles” locator box or “starring” functionality to quickly find and navigate to a desired profiles and accounts, regardless of how many there are. No need to sift through pages of irrelevant content.

For the full article I encourage you to visit the Google Analytics blog post!

Clive Lobo

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