Google rolls out new analytic and account snapshot

Clive Lobo

New Google Analytics Beta 

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Google is rolling out their new analytics package that should make it easier for site owners and advertisers so see what is happening on their site. The new package is more intuitive and graphical. It also provides better report exporting capabilities. Another big change is the ability to build a dashboard to display your key performance indicators. These changes along with the price point (free) will make this package very attractive indeed.

New Google Account Snapshot Roll out

Some of you may have seen a new tab in your AdWords account.  Everyone else should see it soon. The tab opens a window to an account summary. There is also a visualization of some of the more important items and a drop-down to select some fixed date ranges. The tool is useful to spot dramatic trends or to see the effect of major changes. It generates mini reports quickly and easily. Is it a response to the Yahoo summary page?



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