Google Officially Launches Android Mobile Phone Software Development Kit

Clive Lobo

Google and the Open Handset Alliance have officially launched the Android Software Development Kit coupled with a $10 Million Dollar Development Challenge!

Many were expecting Google to launch an actual phone and when that did not happen some were not satisfied, while others were overjoyed. Unlike Apple who likes to build closed end to end systems, Google likes to build open systems and get the world involved. Given that why would Google build an entire phone which would have limited reach? Instead they built a cell phone operating system and software development kit. They intend to give the operating system away and motivate software developers to program as many applications for it as possible.

In doing so Google gets what they want – a closer tie into the device which will be the primary access to the Internet for millions of people in the coming future (note: millions of people in developing nations are getting on to the Internet for the first time with a cell phone and who may never own an actual computer).  By doing so they have a solid platform to gain access to your information and of course develop better advertising delivery platforms.

It appears to me that Google is being pretty smart about this endeavor. By injecting $10 Million into the developer community they are jump starting the software development process increasing their chances of success. With commitments from several handset makers to deliver phones with the new operating system in the near future, all that Google needs is a handful of decent applications – hopefully in the productivity category and we’ll see a huge uptake of the device by early adopters. Once those apps are there, people will flock to the device – at least I think they will. As long as it has applications people want, and it’s open for them to extend – it will happen. Which is very much unlike what Apple has done with the iPhone!

Speaking of the iPhone – if Apple would get off their buts and launch their SDK without harrassing people in the meantime they would be far better off. As it stands I’m afraid only true Apple lovers will opt to buy the iPhone.

Which will you buy? An iPhone or an Android Phone?

Clive Lobo

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