Google News To Allow Comments!

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataGoogle News has announced that it will begin allowing people to post comments on articles shown on their News search site. Parties mentioned in the story would be allowed to post comments on the story after being authenticated by Google. Exact details on the authentication process have not been revealed. This new feature will likely raise the eyebrows of many people not to mention the newspapers themselves.

Google in recent months has been in some hot water with major newspapers who were frustrated with Google indexing their content. Given the heated waters we’re surprised that Google would consider adding fuel to the fire by launching this new feature.

Well it’s come as no surprise that some newspapers are not impressed. The LA Times story claims “It’s Not Journalism“. Personally, I think the feature is fine, but I won’t be surprised if it lands them deeper in trouble with the papers!

Clive Lobo

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