Google Maps On Gas Station Pumps?!

Clive Lobo

Google has announced it will be embedding Google Maps into gas station pumps.

Google has announced that it’s launching a program to place a stripped down version of Google Maps into gas station pumps. Through a partnership with  Gilbarco Veeder-Root Google will see the maps service installed with a touch screen into 2500 pumps nationwide. While you may think this is an outstanding idea, the first version of this software is severely limiting. Users cannot get point to point directions, and they can only view locations entered by the gas station owners. Also – no advertising. Instead Google has agreed to a partnership with the gas stations which allows them to create agreements with local advertisers to offer coupons through the system.

Production is limited to 3500 units with further units planned if the service is successful. Frankly, the test would have a higher chance of succeeding if they allowed point to point directions vs a simple local map lookup!

Clive Lobo

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